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Peachcake - What Year Will You Have The World?

Banda - Peachcake
Álbum - What Year Will You Have The World?
Ano - 2008
Link - Myspace
Gênero - Electropop, Eletronic

1. Welcome To The Party To Save The World
2. Are Your People Ready To Shrink Continents?!
3. Did I Just Do That, Or Was It Jim Carrey?
4. How To Get To The Moon And Back On A Half Tank Of Gas (As Told By The Great Racecar Driver From Outer Space)
5. Flight Of The Space Owl: The Contentions OF The Great Space Panda
6. Souls Have No Drum Machine
7. Make Movement, Not War!
8. Stop Acting Like You Know More About The Internet Cafe Than Me
9. Kyle's Words Of Wisdom (secion 2 part 39)
10. Need Room? We Have Space! (December 22nd)
11. Nervious Breakdance!
12. Jeremiah, Stop Taking Bukowski So Seriously...
13. Keep The World Safe, Tony Soprano
14. Welcome To The Post-Apocalypto Mall
15. The Song Of The Century!