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iamerror - Trout Yogurt

Banda - iamerror
Álbum - Trout Yogurt
Ano - 2008
Link - Myspace
Gênero - Grindcore, Electronic, Experimental, Nintendocore

1. Main Screen Turn On
2. forest of fellatio
3. snap kracko pop
4. do a br00tal roll
5. Jeffree Star Road
6. metapod probably kicked your ass when you were a kid
7. K.K. DGAF
8. the iceclops cometh
9. the reason we vomit is to show how dedicated we are to weight loss
10. Fuck Your Sanctuary, I'm Heading for a Bomb Shelter
11. HP/MP Restored... But No Taco Bell In Sight

For fans of: I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog, GO! With Fourteen O, 100DEADRABBITS!!!